Make a list of all your beliefs and ideologies:

I am a human being
I have a body
I live on planet earth
Planet earth is a planet
Planet earth is part of a galaxy
The galaxy is part of the universe
I have blood in my body
I am Male
I breathe air
I walk on the ground
I think
I have thoughts in my head
I have a university degree
I believe in GOD
I believe that good is better than bad
I believe that all birds have wings
I believe in the angels
I believe that the sun will come up every morning
I believe that dogs are good companions
My thoughts are in my head
Treating people well is a good thing
I believe that to be beautiful you have to be thin!
I believe the sky is blue
I believe water will clean me
I think wearing cloth is essential
I think using language is essential
I think eating is essential
I think drinking is essential
I think you should work hard
I think I should try to be rich
I think money is VERY important
I believe money can buy anything
I believe money can’t make you happy
I believe in love
I believe that war should stop
I believe that the world will end at some point
I believe the world has started at some point
I believe that with time many things could change
I think I should seek success
I think failure is not an option
I think there is nothing impossible
I think I have read many books
I think I know!
Fruits are good only in the morning
I believe I will die