You have so much potential but you don’t know how to access and implement.

You want to help people but don’t have enough specific training in one area.

You love to learn and grow and have studied all kinds of spiritual practices.

You’re successful in other people’s eyes but don’t really feel it yourself.

You ask the BIG Questions like: What’s it all about? Why are we here?

You feel like you’re different than family, friends, and peers.

Trouble finding that one thing you’re passionate about.

You know you were meant for more but feel blocked.

You can discover your life purpose through a Triniti Retreat.

Over the last 18 years we’ve guided thousands of people to
realize and create their life purpose through our live retreats and video based courses.

Here we were featured in Oprah Magazine where the author discovered
her life purpose and miracles through our work:



The Triniti Retreat gives you priceless tools to go through a step by step process,
guided by Master Shamans with 18 years experience, to unveil your life purpose.

Here we’ve been featured in National Geographic where the author wanted to become a published author and she fulfilled all of these dreams through her work with us.


And you can discover your life purpose as well!

Here’s what Irem says of her Triniti Retreat experience:

“The Triniti retreat has helped me in ways that were truly unanticipated.
I felt much clearer and still feel clear as I also got to answer a question that had been lingering for many years.
I stand reassured of my purpose and excited to continue on my path.
Much gratitude to the Maestros and guiding spirits.
The Total Awakening course is an added bonus that I just got to start practicing recently, but can already feel that it will support me on my journey.
Thank you Blue Morpho Team for including me in this program, always feels good to reconnect.
I hope it’s ok if I send the video testimonial in a few days. Thanks again for a wonderful retreat.”
Irem (Turkey)

Here’s what Kory says of his Triniti Retreat experience:

“The Blue Morpho Triniti Retreat was a breath of fresh air during this pandemic.
The stress from being cooped up with nowhere to go was slowly taking its toll on me.
This retreat came at the right time.
Even though I was still at home, I could tap into ceremonies and communicate with a community to share experiences.
I felt relief and was able to set new intentions for the future to grow from this experience rather than be debilitated by it.
It was an unexpected gift, and it couldn’t be more needed.
The course is easy to follow.
The maestros are there to guide you, and the community lifts you up.
The “shamanic dieta” and dreams are for real.
The experience was awesome!
Thank you so much Triniti retreats!”
– Kory (United Kingdom)

If you don’t want to wait until the next Triniti Live! Retreat,
and you want to discover your life purpose now:
Triniti Now! is the answer.